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90% Macabeo
10% Malvasía


Wine produced from Macabeo and Malvasía grapes, grown at 800-1200 metres high which favours a slow ripening and increases the synthesis and build-up of aromatic compounds in the berries typical of this cultivar and maintains a high natural acidity, fully-integrated in the wine heightening its youth and freshness.The Winemaking process begins with a careful selection of the best bunches mainly focusing on its health integrity and the optimal ripeness level in order to obtain fresh and aromatic wines.

After a thorough harvest, the grapes enter the winery where they are gently pressed to get a top quality must: a crushing and destemming process preventing the transfer of unwanted herbal aromas and flavours to the must; cold maceration with the skins to promote the extraction of primary aromas of the berries at low temperature (16-18oC) so that the primary and secondary aromas grow in the wine and can be found in the wine tasting both in the smelling and tasting phase.









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