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85% Monastrell 15% Syrah


Wine made with Monastrell variety grapes, selected at their optimal moment of ripeness to offer medium-bodied wines, fresh, young and fruity. The production of this wine is centred on obtaining the maximum quality that these grapes have the potential to contribute in both compounds related to the colour and the typical aromas of this variety.


These compounds can be found in the skin of the berries, that is the reason why our aim is to extract them avoiding at all times any activity which could degrade them.


In order to obtain a quality must, maceration is carried out gently and in a proper time so that too astringent and herbaceous aromas and flavours will not develop.

Fermentation temperature is controlled between 22-24ºC so that primary and secondary aromas can be kept in the wine and at the same time we can foster the phenolic extraction so important to the colour and wine structure.









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