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85% Macabeo
15% Malvasía


Wine made with Macabeo variety grapes, grown in the high areas of the Bullas denomination of origin, at an altitude between 400 and 1,000 metres, which favours a slow ripening, increases the synthesis and accumulation in the berries of this cultivar’s typical aromatic components and maintains a high natural acidity, perfectly integrated throughout the wine, which emphasises its youthful freshness.The production of this wine starts with a careful selection in the fields of the best bunches, with most attention paid to their sanitary integrity and ensuring that their level ofripeness is optimal in order to produce fresh and aromatic wines.

After careful harvesting, the grapes enter the winery where they are treated gently to obtain a top-quality must: cold maceration with skins to favour the extraction of the primary aromas of the berries and fermentation at a low temperature (16oC-18oC), which favours the accumulation in the wine of the primary and secondary aromas that then develop when tasting in both the nose and the tasting stages.









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